Time for virtual events

In these difficult times full of bad news, the Coronavirus crisis is forcing us to initiate a mandatory change towards an urgent digital transformation, to design strategies, digital infrastructures and implement them promptly in order to better fight against the expansion and new waves of COVID-19.

This pandemic has shaken up everything we had previously thought, but it has also made connectivity even more essential, because communication, access to information and online services, and the exchange of ideas with other people, businesses and organizations is one of the most important and necessary resources before a biological disaster like this one, which has forced the entire planet to isolation and paralyzation.

We are all challenged to accelerate our processes to virtual communication, to improve technology in order to enhance and facilitate communication through the Internet, and to discover that, in these times when we most need our colleagues contact, friends and clients, virtual events can be as interesting and interesting as face-to-face events are in ordinary circumstances.

Attendance and participation levels at virtual events have increased 30 times over with the lockdown, causing all companies to consider this communication alternative as the only possible option during the state of alarm and the weeks that follow.

Innovative facial recognition applications are being developed around the world, tools that facilitate the data reporting such as body temperature, developments and technologies that will later be applied to many other fields, and will definitely drive the evolution and direction of attendee information in our beloved event industry.

Driven by necessity, we will use the cloud, big data and artificial intelligence applications to prevent new waves of the virus; the good part is when everything improves and we are closer to normality, we can use those same improved technologies to measure, and target information to the attendees of our face to face events, who will have a much more guaranteed ROI by being able to segment the information we offer according to their preferences, culture, geographic location and interests.

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